QuickBooks Online New Features and Improvements - July 2017

Intuit is the company behind QuickBooks which is the popular accounting software designed to ease the finance handling and accounting for enterprises. The company mainly focuses on helping enterprises to succeed and the prime area where the company mainly focuses on making improvement is their software. In July 2017, Intuit made many improvements and updates to QuickBooks Online or QBO and below is the quick and sweep recap of the enhancements made to the QuickBooks Online in July 2017.

Management of Project Is Easier Now With QuickBooks Online

Projects – Projects is the latest integration in the QuickBooks Online software which is now made available only for the QuickBooks Online Plus users in USA. This feature lets the users to organize the pieces of projects in one locations and manage many things in the project including, time spent on the project, transactions and more. With this feature users can also keep track of their profitability and this enables you to keep track and know how each individual associated with the project is performing and progressing. Users will get the instructions on how to setup the new Project Feature and integrated it with their QuickBooks Online and make use of it for profitability.

New Partial Purchase Orders Capability – This is again the new and helpful feature that is included in the QuickBooks Online software. Being the owner of your business, you need to handle endless meetings, meet the daily deadlines and also solve the pile of paperwork which keeps on increasing with the passing days. But, now the users of QuickBooks Online can link their bill, check or expenses to the part of any purchase order rather than the entire thing. This makes it easier for the users to keep track of all the transactions and check the latest and updated expenses and inventory. As the new features introduced, there are many errors may occur. At that span of time, you can contact our QuickBooks Error Support experts. With the use of latest partial purchase order feature users can perform the following things:

  • Know Where The Company Stand – With the use of latest Open Purchase Orders Detail report the users can easily keep track of how much purchase order the company has received or paid for and how much is the outstanding which needs to be paid. This will give the users a thorough understanding about where the company stands.
  • Close Individual Line on Purchase Order – This is the feature where the Close Column enables the users to select which lines of purchase order needs to be closed and which will remain open until purchase order is received by the company
  • Link Purchase Orders to More Than One Bill/Check/Expenses – This is the feature through which the users can link each transaction which will appear below the status of the purchase order.

New Improved QuickBooks Online Desktop App 

The new QuickBooks Online Desktop App has arrived and it is cooler app which integrates many new features like stability, faster loading speeds and better overall experience for the users. This application enables the users to:

  • Stay Signed In – Simply by leaving the app open, the users don’t have to login every time to check the books.
  • Work in Multiple Windows – This is the latest feature which is designed for the accounting professionals and it powers the QuickBooks users with more than on monitor. The multiple windows feature enables the users to use the same project with ease on multiple windows
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Save Time – It comes with the feature that enables the users to create keyboard shortcuts and menu items for easy navigation without having to click between the screens.

These were some of the new enhancements and updates that were made on the QuickBooks Online. If you are facing issues with the installation and working of new and updated versions of QuickBooks, you can contact our technical experts by dialing our QuickBooks Support Number (888) 677-5770. Our experts are available 24*7 to help you with the guaranteed solution.

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